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Built in. Not bolted on. Smarter security solutions from IBM.

IBM Security Framework

Another approach to evaluating and managing your IT security posture is to narrow in on core focus areas of regulatory compliance and industry regulations. While many security vendors focus on and manage one area or a subset of security risks, the IBM approach is to strategically help you manage risk end-to-end across the organization. This strategy allows you to better understand and prioritize risks and vulnerabilities based on their potential to disrupt critical business processes.

Through world-class solutions that address risk across each aspect of your business, IBM can help you build a strong security posture that positions you to reap the rewards of emerging technology trends. IBM's offerings include software, hardware and services covering all IT security domains as laid out in the IBM Security Framework:

IBM Security Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Every organization needs to define and communicate the principles and policies that guide the business strategy and business operation. In addition, every organization must evaluate its business and operational risks, and develop an enterprise security plan to serve as a benchmark for the execution and validation of the security management activities that are appropriate for their organization. Organizations should take a business-driven, holistic approach to security in alignment with an IT governance framework.

Security Assessment tool

Assess your security readiness with the Security Self-Assessment tool

People and Identity

Businesses need a solution that enables approved users to access applications and data while protecting assets against unauthorized access. Seems simple, but the solution needs to do this without interfering with productivity while balancing the security risks with the cost of acquisition and management.

Data and Information

Regulations require data to be secure wherever it resides, in motion or at rest.  Which means solutions must provide comprehensive capabilities for monitoring, access management and encryption to assure the privacy and integrity of trusted information in the data center while reducing costs through automating processes in heterogeneous environments.

Application and Process

The pressure on threat detection and prevention is rising as the number of applications and corresponding vulnerabilities skyrocket. Existing firewalls may not block attacks on new applications, yet compliance with a growing number of standards and regulations is required. Solutions must be able to document the status of your application security as well as provide preemptive protection throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Network Server and Endpoint

Threats come from the inside and out, and are known and unknown.  Effective threat and vulnerability management today needs to be proactive rather than reactive, preventing problems rather than responding to them. To be efficient and effective, prevention, detection and compliance needs to be addressed in an integrated way.

Physical Security

Video monitoring is a standard asset in a physical security tool box. But monitoring and reviewing surveillance data may exist beyond the reach of organizations, or may not be as effective as it needs to be. The goal is to extract as much intelligent data from video for the least cost, and to be able to respond to threats as quickly as possible.