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Ensure the right people have the right access to the right information

Identity and access management is critical to safeguarding your organization’s systems, data, and applications from unauthorized access. Done right, a successful identity and access management program can provide added business value by reducing IT management costs, enhancing employee productivity, and increasing compliance efficiency. To meet your identity and access management needs and realize operational improvements, you need a service provider that can offer a true end-to-end solution. IBM identity and access management services target virtually every aspect of identity and access management across your enterprise, including user provisioning, web access management, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user activity compliance. We offer a range of service options — from migration to consulting to fully managed services — that leverage IBM’s leading security tools, technologies, and expertise. Our security specialists work with you to address your individual needs and provide the solutions that best match your business and security objectives.

Know your people

Identify and monitor high-risk users, define who has access to sensitive data and systems, and set a baseline for normal behavior

Protect your data

Discover and protect your high-value data, understand who is accessing the data and why

Safeguard your applications

Block unauthorized access, harden applications that contain sensitive data, and create privileged access exceptions

Services we offer

Access management design and deploy

Help protect resources by managing user access policies more effectively

Cloud identity services

Protect and control your IT environment with cloud-based identity access management

Identity and access management strategy and assessment

Establish an identity and access solution roadmap aligned with your needs

Identity governance and administration design and deployment

Implement and enterprise-wide user identity lifecycle management solution

Managed identity services

Automate access management processes to facilitate collaboration among users

Multifactor authentication design and deployment

Gain an enterprise-wide, total authentication solution designed to support multiple authentication methods

Understand the issues

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Assess. Respond. Prevent.

2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

Get a better understanding of the current threat landscape.

Understand the options

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Building a Next-Generation IAM program

4 key steps that can move you toward a more mature solution now


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Identity and access management across the enterprise

At IBM, we take a holistic approach to identity and access management. We focus on integrating and coordinating services throughout your organization to help you maximize investments and minimize threats. Our identity and access management services look across your entire enterprise to help you:

We also deliver valuable security intelligence so you can make better, more informed decisions about your identity and access management policies, programs, and resources.