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Custom security solutions to help protect your data against internal and external threats

Data security services incorporates a risk-balanced strategy along with leading data protection technology to more cost effectively help safeguard your organization's critical data. We help optimize your level of control by providing both consulting services to establish your data protection strategy and implementation and integration services using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.

Streamlined approach

Helps optimize your investments in leading security technology by using your existing infrastructure to support collaboration across your enterprise

Data protection strategy

Aligns with your risk management objectives and provides insight into where sensitive data resides and how it is used

Risk mitigation

Reduce the risk of data loss and better manage regulatory compliance

Services we offer

Critical data
protection program

Help protect your most critical data from compromise

Data loss prevention
and encryption

Help protect sensitive data and enforce corporate security policies

Managed data protection
services for Guardium

Tap into the talent you need to effectively manage your database security

Understand the issues

Fortifying for the Future

Insights from the 2014 IBM CISO Assessment

2016 Cost of Data Breach Study

How do you deal with a data breach?

Assess. Respond. Prevent.

2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

Get a better understanding of the current threat landscape.

Understand the options

Building a Security Operations Center

Learn how to optimize your security intelligence to better safeguard your business from threats

Security Incident Response Plan That Actually Works

Top ten mistakes which security organizations make with their Computer Security Incident Response Plans

Data Breach

An information resource for data breach prevention and response

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