Rapidly detect security threats and respond

When you engage with X-Force® Incident Response Services, IBM® security experts proactively hunt and respond to threats and apply the latest threat intelligence before breaches occur.

Continuous monitoring and deeper investigation of threats begin remotely, and actionable response plans are provided to key stakeholders for long-term, preemptive solutions.

Minimize business disruptions

Build effective incident response plans and test plans procedures with simulated exercises. Then rest assured knowing you have 24/7 access to security expertise providing remote and onsite full incident containment, handling and remediation.

X-Force Incident Response Services provide

X-Force Incident Response Services provide
  • Incident response planning

    Prepare for and respond to cyber attacks more effectively with a proven response strategy.

  • Remote threat response

    Utilize continuous threat monitoring services with lightweight endpoint sensors that integrate into the security information and event management (SIEM) tool to provide endpoint and network telemetry for 360-degree visibility and protection.

    Endpoint security to detect and disrupt advanced attacks
  • Onsite incident response

    Deep forensics analysis, containment, and remediation plans immediately implemented when validated critical incident of breach occurs.

    Intelligent threat prevention and incident response solution

Move your business forward

IBM X-Force Incident Response Services help you identify and proactively, rapidly respond to breaches. With the right response, business impact and downtime-related costs are minimized.

Our solution helps

Reduce the time to develop


threats more efficiently across the entire incident lifecycle including prevention, forensics, containment, eradication, recovery and compliance

Reduce upfront and operational costs


deep technical security skills in real-time

Close gaps


traditional security controls with continuous monitoring and rapid response

Provide continuous updates

Be proactive

through preemptive incident preparation, data preservation and in-depth data analysis


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Next steps

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