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Built in. Not bolted on. Smarter security solutions from IBM.

Like many companies struggling to keep up with today's rapidly changing threats, your organization may have developed its security infrastructure piece by piece. A firewall to secure your network. Anti-virus software to reduce desktop risk. Routers to protect a subnet. But while these point solutions target specific vulnerabilities, they may not be offering you the comprehensive protection you need, commensurate with your organization's risks and compliance mandates. IBM Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions can help you evaluate your existing security practices in the context of your requirements and future objectives, including technical and business considerations. We can help you make more informed decisions about allocating your funds and resources to manage security risks-supporting greater business value for your enterprise. These solutions include capabilities for:

IBM security consultants are specially trained and certified in the regulations that affect your business. Our security consultants will assess your existing security processes and make recommendations to help your organization prepare for, and pass, periodic security audits. IBM security consultants follow a five-step process to help you meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements.

These five steps include:

  1. Assessment
  2. Design
  3. Deployment
  4. Management
  5. Education

This methodical approach to information security helps your organization meet the security best practices that keep you in compliance with the regulatory requirements of your industry.