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Improved mobile threat protection and enhanced mobile device control

Mobile devices are playing an ever-increasing role in changing the way people live, work and communicate. Smartphones and tablets are being rapidly adopted by organizations as new work tools, joining existing laptops and desktops. The need to support a large number and variety of mobile devices has created a perimeter-less environment for organizations.

Employee access of data and applications, anytime, anywhere from any device can unintentionally introduce new threats and vulnerabilities. To help organizations maintain better control over mobile devices, IBM is announcing improved mobile threat protection and enhanced mobile device control with enhancements such as NitroDesk TouchDown and Samsung SAFE integration, iOS data loss controls, and app deployment through Worklight integration. These new capabilities provide visibility into endpoint compliance status and help organizations respond to security incidents in near real time across hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

These capabilities allow organizations to more safely introduce employee- or corporate-owned mobile devices into the workplace, identify the risks inherent in their broader access to organizational data, and derive enhanced value. These announcements provide organizations with the tools and security intelligence they need to effectively manage and control mobile devices in a perimeter-less world.

IBM is the only partner that can provide such a full and broad set of mobile security capabilities that are implementable today.

IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile

Today's mobile users want to use their favorite device for both corporate and personal activities whenever they wish and wherever they happen to be. While the BYOD phenomenon is a boon for productivity, it can put your organization's data at risk without the proper safeguards in place. While mobile security encompasses many components, security-rich user access to enterprise data and systems is an easy first step. IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile extends user access protection to mobile and cloud environments using federated single sign-on, user authentication, and risk scoring processes based on location, device, and access pattern. IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile provides context-based access management for mobile end points such as smartphones and tablets so that users don't inadvertently expose your sensitive IT assets in an unsafe environment.

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