Quickly protect Android devices for work

Organizations are increasingly adopting Android devices for enterprise use, especially those that support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. Protect your corporate data while allowing users to choose their own devices for work.

IBM® MaaS360® for Android provices a unified view of your devices through a single console that facilitates reporting, policy management and device management. Get visibility of your hardware and software inventory detail, enforce policies and profiles, and take action as needed.

Complete mobility management and security

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IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management provides the visibility and control IT needs for enterprise Android device management. The solution supports Android for Work, Samsung Knox and version 2.2 and higher, including same-day support for Android Nougat.

Stronger device and app-level security
- Set password policies for work apps
- Selectively suspend access to work apps without profile removal
- Prevent data leakage: Work Profile removal automatically deletes encryption key
- Secure data in transit with always-on VPN

More control for system administrators
- Accelerate work-managed device setup with new QR code support
- Keep your users in-the-know with policy and restriction transparency
- Enable seamless Wi-Fi access for users through use of multiple certification authorities

A better end-user experience
- Improved multitasking capabilities: run and view two apps at once, respond to notifications outside of app
- Look up corporate contacts from personal dialer or messenger app
- Enable Doze to save battery and Data Saver to curb app data consumption
- Turn off work mode after hours, including apps, notifications, and background sync

Gain Insight

  • Manufacturer, model, serial number, device details

  • Operating system and version

  • Applications, versions and size

  • Rooted device detection

  • Ownership details

  • Data storage, screen and battery details

  • Phone number, carrier information, IP address

  • Home network/current network

  • Roaming status, MAC address

  • Amount of free storage

  • Device ID (phone number, IMEI, email address)

  • Encryption level, root detection, passcode status, device restrictions, installed profiles and security policies

  • In-depth reports for documents, users, devices, and apps

Perform Actions

  • Refresh device details on demand

  • Perform help desk operations like send message, buzz device, lock device, or reset a forgotten device passcode

  • Locate a lost device

  • Perform a full wipe of a lost device

  • Perform a selective wipe of corporate data and profiles

  • Silently install of uninstall mobile applications

  • App blacklisting and whitelisting

  • Automatically install whitelisted and uninstall blacklisted apps

  • Prevent users from uninstalling apps

  • Activate Kiosk Mode

  • Block Hardware Keys

  • Disable passcode reuse

  • Enable VPN for specific applications via Android for Work

  • Enforce location-specific policies via geofencing

  • Disable native applications from being used or accessed

Set and Distribute Policies

  • Enforce passcode requirements

  • Enforce device encryption

  • Enable kiosk mode to lock down a custom home page with selected apps

  • Prevent non-compliant device acess to corporate data

  • Certain policies may require a user to accept Permissions to remain in compliance

  • Disable Copy & Paste within external applications

  • Allow or restrict installation of non-Google Play apps

  • Configure device profiles and restrictions:
    – Distribute email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles to supported devices
    – Blacklist, whitelist and require applications
    – Native applications such as Google Play, YouTube, Email, Browser, Google Maps
    – Non-market application installation
    – Data roaming, Bluetooth, tethering
    – Camera usage, USB mass storage, microphone
    – Clipboard and screen capture
    – Location detection policies

Compliance Rules Engine

  • Enforce enrollment, encryption, remote wipe

  • Enforce Android OS version

  • Enforce application compliance

  • Restrict rooted devices

  • Block corporate resources

  • Monitor SIM, Roaming, OS version changes

  • Enable geofencing

  • Monitor and alert on mobile data usage

Enterprise Application Catalog

  • Suggest and distribute Android applications to employees

  • Distribute "home grown" private applications

  • Publish updates to applications

  • Distribute documents to devices

  • Showcase new, featured, and most downloaded apps

  • Create app bundles for specific categories

BYOD Privacy Settings

  • Restrict location collection of physical address, coordinates, IP address, SSID and history

  • Restrict collection of application inventory

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