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InfoSphere Optim Data Masking

Mask data on demand in big data environments

You are moving more and more data into big data environments for high performance analytics. Is any of this data sensitive? The answer is YES! Unfortunately, big data can mean big security risks. InfoSphere Optim Data Masking de-identifies or obfuscates sensitive data such as PII, business data (revenues, HR, etc.) and corporate secrets in big data environments. Using InfoSphere Optim protects data against theft and misuse in accordance with compliance mandates.

InfoSphere Optim Data Masking ensures data privacy, enables compliance and helps manage risk. InfoSphere Optim is first to market with data masking on demand for Hadoop based systems. InfoSphere Optim de-identifies data to ensure privacy while keeping the original context to facilitate business processes. Flexible masking services allow you to create customized masking routines for specific data types or leverage out of the box support. InfoSphere Optim provides masking for standard types as well as application specific masking for the Oracle family of applications and SAP.

InfoSphere Optim data masking on demand is the only masking service available for Hadoop based systems. You can decide when and where to mask for example, in relational data sources, in reports or inside applications.

InfoSphere Guardium v9.0

Monitor and audit 100% big data transactions

Your high performance big data analytics systems drive your business. Do you know who, what, when and how these systems are being accessed? The answer is NO! InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor provides 100% visibility into all big data transactions. With a complete access history, you will understand data and application access patterns, prevent data leakage, enforce data change controls and respond to suspicious activity in real time. InfoSphere Guardium also provides build in audit reporting to help you demonstrate compliance to auditors quickly. In the rush to big data, don't neglect regulatory requirements or security.

InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor prevents data breaches, lowers the cost of compliance and ensures data integrity by providing 100% visibility into big data transactions and automated compliance reporting.

InfoSphere Guardium is the first to market to deliver monitoring and auditing to big data environments.

IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager V2.0.1

IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager (TKLM) V2.0.1 enhances data security and compliance management with a simple and robust solution for key storage, key serving, and key lifecycle management for IBM self-encrypting storage devices and non-IBM devices. TKLM offers an additional layer of data protection by providing encryption lifecycle key management for self-encrypting storage devices above and beyond the Guardium and Optim security capabilities.

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