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Data center security

Comprehensive data center security for your dynamic infrastructure


Data centers house the data, applications and access critical to the success of many businesses. Your data center must be secure and resilient in order to keep your enterprise running at maximum productivity, protecting your profitability, productivity and reputation. Where would your business be if your data center had an outage or security breach that disrupted customer service, operations, and access by employees, vendors and partners? Don’t wait to find out.

IBM security solutions for data centers

The data center is a complex environment of physical and virtual systems, integrated and optimized to deliver timely, secure, and trusted information throughout your organization. In spite of its ever-evolving security demands, IBM can help you secure your data center with an end-to-end security solution. The result: Your company can build a secure, dynamic information infrastructure that helps you accelerate innovation while reducing cost and complexity of security.

Solutions Description
Tivoli Security Management for z/OS (includes zSecure) Enhance and accelerate mainframe security management with simplified security administration, efficient user management, improved policy enforcement, automated audit and compliance management for z/OS RACF®.
Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-on (TAMesso) Automate sign-on and access to your enterprise applications to reduce costs and risk

Solutions Description
Network Intrusion Prevention Stop Internet threats before they impact your business and deliver protection to all three layers of the network: core, perimeter and remote segments.
Virtualization security solutions Combine products and services to realize the benefits of virtualization while maintaining the appropriate security posture. Be more cost-effective, compliant and secure by delivering integrated and optimized security for virtual data centers.
Proventia Virtual Network Security Platform Advanced preemptive protection in a virtual security appliance to help you achieve maximum business continuity within your data center.
Application security assessment and Rational Appscan Help ensure the security and compliance of Web applications throughout the software development lifecycle by identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.

Solutions Description
Information security assessments Learn where your critical data exists, where potential security gaps exist, and develop a strategy to protect that data.
Data loss prevention technology Protect your corporate reputation and valuable data assets from loss with technologies powered by Fidelis.
Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager Improve the encryption key lifecycle by centralizing and strengthening key management processes. Plus, integrate with devices for tape and disk encryption key management.
Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems (TAMOS) Protect individual application and operating system resources by addressing system vulnerabilities surrounding UNIX/Linux super user or root accounts.
Information protection services Back up, restore, archive and maintain access to critical data with onsite and remote data protection capabilities for your data center servers, applications and databases, email, laptops and desktops.

Solutions Description
Managed Security and Event Log Management SELM offers outsourced alternatives for organizations to collect and analyze security logs aiding in compliance and regulatory issues
Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager v2.0 TSIEM provides centralized log management, event correlation, policy compliance dashboard and a reporting engine. It provides the closed loop backend for security remediation.

Through IBM security solutions, you will be able to address key business priorities:

IBM offers an end-to-end solution portfolio to address the data center changes you are embarking upon today - whether your priorities include data center consolidation and virtualization, overall cost-reduction efforts in managing and maintaining your IT data infrastructure, or simply overall data center productivity improvements. By combining IBM's proven ability to deliver data center solutions with IBM security, you can also deliver a business-driven, secure, and resilient data center that enables your business opportunities.