IBM PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor Version 1

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Software updates

CCA supported releases on IBM-approved x86 servers

The IBM 4765 PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor Version 1 (PCIeCC) is a hardware security module (HSM). The PCIeCC is supported only on IBM-approved x86 servers. The following provides a list of the currently supported releases of the IBM Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA) software support program. This list is for the 4765-001 (ordered as a System z machine type-model) on an IBM-approved x86 server:

Hardware. The above supported CCA releases can be installed on an IBM-approved x86 server.

Software. The following operating systems support Releases 4.4.55 and 4.4.20 for CCA:


  1. CCA can be installed on additional operating systems by purchasing a separate add-on feature. An add-on feature is available for each of these operating systems
  2. Existing customers should always back up key storage prior to installing a new CCA release. The CCA software does not provide any automatic backup of this potentially critical file.

News for current customers


New product release for IBM 4765 now available on IBM IBM-approved x86 servers and IBM AIX operating system, effective October 2015.

New product release CCA 5.0 for Linux on IBM z Systems™ now available effective July 2015. See Overview page for additional information.

As of February 19, 2013, the 4765 hardware security module (HSM) is validated to meet the MEPS (Méthode d'Évaluation des Produits Securitaire "bancaires") approval scheme used by Cartes Bancaires (CB) banking ecosystem. This standards certification allows the 4765 HSM to be used by CB member banks on their dedicated payment networks.

Add-on features are being offered for the IBM 4765 on IBM-approved x86 systems to support additional operating systems. See the IBM 4765 software updates page.

On System z, the coprocessor is available as Crypto Express3, Crypto Express4, and Crypto Express5. It is also available for Linux.