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Release 4.3.5 for CCA host code fix

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Release 4.3.5 for CCA host code fix

Effective February 2013, a host code fix is available for Release 4.3.5.

Problem description:
For System x users with Release 4.3.5 installed, in limited instances the use of a key label to access key storage can result in return code 8, reason code 752 (X'2F0'). This error message indicates "The key-storage file is not usable."

An update to the CCA host library is available to correct the problem where the key-storage file is not usable. Follow these steps to install this host code fix:

  1. Release 4.3.5 on System x is a prerequisite.
  2. Download the file (687 KB).
  3. Calculate the MD5 sum for the downloaded file, and verify that the calculated sum is af3c68a3d2f7fdc9717966a957433fd4.
  4. If the MD5 sum verifies correctly, copy the downloaded file to /usr/lib/

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