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Smarter counter fraud

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Fraud and financial crimes trigger financial losses, cause significant operational costs, erode consumer confidence, destroys brand image and drains the potential for core business innovation.

A new, holistic approach is needed to not only handle, but proactively anticipate and respond to threats.

Executive perspective

Bob Griffin, VP, Counter Fraud, IBM Industry Solutions

IBM Smarter Counter Fraud

Introducing Smarter counter fraud

Smarter counter fraud from IBM
What we have today is not working
IBM Smarter counter fraud capabilities
IBM Smarter counter fraud
Counter IBM Smarter Counter Fraud Disrupt Defeat IBM Counter Fraud Management: A comprehensive approach to countering fraud and financial crimes across industries.
Intelligence IBM Smarter Counter Fraud Intelligence Advanced Threat, Fraud, and Financial Crimes Intelligence:
Red Cell: Fraud and financial crimes intelligence reporting.
X-Force: Cybercrime intelligence reporting
Prevent IBM Smarter Fraud Prevent Defend Deter Advanced Fraud and Cybercrime Protection: Web fraud detection to reduce phishing and malware based fraud losses.
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Governance IBM Smarter Fraud Governance Fraud Governance and Risk Management: Management of the operational and reputational risks associated with fraud and financial crimes.
Counter Prevent

New Bank Fraud Insights from IBM's Institute for Business Value

This extensive global banking survey examines the challenges and best practices to aggressively control and combat fraud and financial crime.

Press Release

IBM and ProBTP

IBM Acquires IRIS Analytics

IBM acquires IRIS Analytics, which introduces real-time payment fraud prevention using advanced machine learning techniques.

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March 20th Smarter Counter Fraud Announcement

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Smarter Risk

Smarter RiskBuild trust and value amidst uncertainty

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IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly – 3Q 2015

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly - 3Q 2015Learn how threats from the Dark Web can take your data hostage.

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IBM Red Cell researching trends

Viewpoints from our fraud & financial crimes intelligence group



Synthetic Identity Fraud: Can I Borrow your SSN?

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Insurance Fraud and Organized Crime

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Money Mules

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Transnational Organized Crime Convergence

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IBM i2 Summit for a Safer Planet