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IBM Security zSecure V1.13.1

IBM Security zSecure V1.13.1 provides comprehensive end-to-end mainframe security administration, policy enforcement, real-time alerts, audit reporting and security intelligence. The mainframe offers an industry leading EAL5 evaluated platform for consolidating systems, protecting private clouds, and securing virtualized environments with zSecure to automate auditing, enforce security policy, and simplify administration. The mainframe continues to provide a secure platform for hosting mission critical applications and data.

IBM Security Identity Manager v6.0

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager v1.0

Mitigating insider threats across cloud and hybrid environments

With public clouds, your data is only as secure as its access. Strong controls must be put on sensitive administrative accounts to ensure only authorized individuals can access this data. With IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager V1.0, you can safeguard your cloud-based privileged accounts with a single access management solution designed specifically for privileged users and administrators, helping organizations defend against insider threats and security breaches. Security Privileged Identity Manager improves upon traditional approaches with centralized management of privileged and shared ID's, automated password management, and revalidation of privileged access privileges. IBM Security Identity Manager V6.0, IBM's flagship identity management solution also included as part of Security Privileged Identity Manager, delivers refined role and user lifecycle management capabilities, improving an organization's ability to control user entitlements and manage an enterprise access structure. Security Identity Manager delivers identity management and governance functionality in a single integrated product. Together, these identity management solutions can help provide secure collaboration in today's cloud-based and interconnected IT environments.

QRadar Security Intelligence Platform 7.1

Extend security monitoring throughout your cloud

QRadar SIEM 7.1 and QRadar Log Manager 7.1 help organizations better use their cloud infrastructures to monitor enterprise activity and gain increased security insight. With new event collector virtual appliances, organizations can better utilize their existing cloud investments while deploying collection mechanisms more extensively than ever before.

Companies such as banks, retail chains and other distributed businesses can now gather and analyze security data from dramatically more locations. Virtual event collectors make it economical to collect event and log data in places that individually have low event volumes, but collectively generate significant data – such as bank branches, retail stores and satellite offices. As a result, businesses and government agencies can close a security blind spot and achieve better threat detection by extending critical security monitoring to distributed locales around the world.

In addition, the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform now provides an open and extensible solution through the sharing and reuse of security intelligence content. QRadar SIEM, QRadar Log Manager and QRadar Network Anomaly Detection support exporting and importing of correlation rules, report templates and other expert content, enabling greater collaboration and innovation. This facilitates deep industry-specific cooperation and helps solution providers build custom solutions on the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform.

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IBM SmartCloud for Patch Management

In today's virtualized and cloud enabled data center security and speed are two top of mind concerns. As the speed of service delivery has increased (and it always needs to be faster) concerns about security have also increased. Have you ever lost sleep worrying about the compliance levels of your virtual machines, what about your offline virtual machines, what if they are brought on line months later, how will they get updated. To address both faster delivery and improved security IBM is delivering SmartCloud Patch Management, which combines its industry leading patch management capability, which has been extended to support online and offline virtual machine patching, with our high speed provisioning solution to keep pace with the demands for more rapid service delivery. This solution helps IT managers improve the delivery time of new services and provides the automated patch management capability that keeps services compliant with company polices, which can reduce the stress levels of IT in this fast paced world of virtualization and cloud. This single offering makes it easy to get started and provides the broadest operating system coverage in the industry. Get SmartCloud Patch Management today and sleep better tonight.

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