Take control of your cloud app security with IBM Cloud Security Enforcer

Security teams face new challenges and risk when business moves to the cloud.

As business moves to the cloud, is your security team using a cloud access security broker (CASB) to address the new challenges and risks?

IBM® Cloud Security Enforcer is helping businesses efficiently and securely deploy new cloud services. As a complete SaaS solution, IBM Cloud Security Enforcer combines cloud discovery, user analytics, identity and access management, and threat prevention.

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The industry's first cloud CASB with integrated access control, visibility and protection

Detect app usage and user activity

Discover thousands of cloud apps, including shadow apps. Correlate cloud activity to employees and identify suspicious activity. View analytics and risk reports while responding to priority alerts.

Connect users to approved cloud apps

Display the approved app catalog and enable self-onboarding. Find and use apps quickly and efficiently. Correct out-of-policy app usage.

Protect against security threats in the cloud

Prioritize apps based on past threats and limit interaction with unsafe apps. Establish user risk ratings for access policies. Address rogue cloud app usage and block specific actions on the cloud.

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