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Transforming cloud security from inhibitor to enabler

Transforming cloud security from inhibitor to enablerNine out of 10 global CEOs view the cloud as critical to their business plans. And while the cloud can increase productivity with anywhere, anytime information access, it also introduces additional security risks that can become an inhibitor to cloud adoption. To mitigate risk to your cloud environment and data, a proactive approach to identity, application and threat protection should be embraced to enable confidence in your cloud deployments.

IBM Security solutions strengthen security in the cloud by helping to:

  1. Administer, extend and authenticate identities and access to and from the cloud
  2. Build, test and maintain secure cloud applications; monitor and audit enterprise databases and data-repositories
  3. Prevent and defend against advanced threats with layered protection and analytics

You can realize cloud benefits within existing IT management constraints by having capabilities to:

IBM Security Framework solutions

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IBM Threat Protection System

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