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CryptoLite toolkit

for C/C++ and Java


CryptoLite is a set of toolkits providing cryptographic algorithms for applications built in C/C++ (CLiC) or Java (CLiJ).

The toolkits can be adapted to the precise algorithms needed in the application, which makes them especially suitable for embedded system development or for systems where a small footprint is necessary. The toolkits are highly optimized for the supported platforms.

CryptoLite Toolkits are available as FIPS 140-2 certified modules (NIST certificate 899 for C/C++, NIST certificate 910 for Java) or can be delivered as FIPS-ready modules which can be incorporated in a FIPS certification of an application.

CryptoLite provides a wide range of algorithms and modes of operation. As CryptoLite is continuously developed and expanded, please contact for a current list of algorithms. New algorithms and modes of operation can be provided at request.

Using our toolkits, IBM CCCC can provide specific solutions at a high level for most security issues. Our innovative IT-security specialists have many years experience in solving complex cases and creating secure solutions using our toolkits.

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