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IBM Threat Protection System is a dynamic, integrated system to disrupt the lifecycle of advanced attacks and prevent loss

Today’s attacks are more targeted and complex than ever before. It’s vital to protect your organization, but many traditional security technologies are poorly integrated, difficult to manage, and unable to provide adequate protection. An integrated approach is required that spans the prevention, detection and response to advanced threats through an integrated and continuous system powered by 10 security research and development labs around the world.

The IBM Threat Protection System is designed to disrupt the lifecycle of advanced attacks with a three-pronged approach that helps you prevent, detect and respond to threats.

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Play this fun and simple tile matching game for a quick crash course on how to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats. Pick up some facts from IBM X-Force and the Ponemon Institute, and learn how the IBM Threat Protection System is fueling powerful competitive advantage without sitting through a webinar or reading a whitepaper.

Prevent sophisticated attacks

Even as attacks have become more sophisticated, successfully evading various security protections, prevention remains a necessary element of a successful security strategy. Organizations require real-time protection that can stop these attacks and disrupt the attack chain to in an effort to prevent compromise.

IBM Threat Protection System breaks critical points in the attack chain with preemptive defenses on both the endpoint and the network. Through its unique behavioral-based approach, IBM Threat Protection System is capable of both detecting and preventing even unknown attacks, including those utilizing advanced malware. Trusteer Apex blocks the installation processes related to malware to shutdown malware at point of infection. IBM Security Network Protection disrupts the malware lifecycle by detecting existing malware on the network and blocking command and control traffic to malware web sites attempting to send further instructions and continue the attack. IBM Guardium Data Activity Monitoring prevents power users from abusing access and the misuse and theft of sensitive data.

Detect stealthy threats

Targeted attacks are multi-faceted and specifically designed to evade many point technologies attempting to detect and block them. Once they are inside, the only way to find these types of threats is by understanding the behavior of all of the individual attacks components and using analytics to understand their relationship.

Leveraging the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence platform, the IBM Threat Protection System is able to detect threats other technologies miss by performing advanced analytics and anomaly detection such as traffic spikes on off hours or repeated login attempts, all across a wide range of data and network traffic.

Respond continuously

Today it is not a matter of if an organization will be breached, but a question of when and how much they can limit the breach impact and contain their exposure. This means having the ability to respond extremely quickly once an initial incident has been detected. The ability to understand the complete attack and all of its related components is critical in order to know the extent of the breach and potentially exposed sensitive data.

IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics provides the ability to quickly investigate breaches, and retrace attack activity to learn from findings and remediate weaknesses. Understanding the magnitude and nature of a security breach can be challenging, especially with limited resources or a lack of in-house forensics expertise. Enforce continuous endpoint compliance and automatically quarantine non-compliant endpoints with IBM Endpoint Manager. For further assistance, IBM Emergency Response Services (US) provide immediate guidance and support in the event of a security incident.

Expand your ecosystem

Learn how to take advantage of a growing ecosystem of security research and intelligence partners. The IBM Threat Protection System includes access to the IBM X-Force intelligence network, which gives you real-time threat intelligence from experts who continually analyze trends in attack behaviors across over 270 million endpoints and 25 billion web pages. IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Network provides the backbone for our integrated protection against advanced persistent threats.

To combine the power of new and existing security investments made by our customers, the IBM Threat Protection System leverages information gathered from the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence ecosystem of more than 400 third-party products from over 90 vendors. You can take advantage of these third-party solutions to increase visibility into security events, collapse information silos and gain insights on advanced attacks.


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