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Don’t just identify a vulnerability in seconds. Stop it in its tracks.

Lack of visibility and control makes you vulnerable to security breaches and financial loss. The question is no longer if you’ll be breached — but when.

IBM BigFix lets you find, fix, and secure endpoints. Fast.

Find It

Discover all endpoints--on and off the corporate network--with real-time visibility

Fix It

Fix vulnerabilities and apply patches across all endpoints in minutes

Secure It

Get real-time situational awareness and incident response across all endpoints to mitigate damage

Reduce operational costs while improving your security posture

Real-time visibility, scalability, and ease of use


Mitigate threats by discovering endpoints you don't even know exist.


Manage 250,000 endpoints from a single server, with multi-platform support for over 90 different OS.


Peace of mind that your endpoints are successfully patched on the first pass.


Accelerate time to compliance with more than 9,000 out-of-the-box checks.


Deploy software and patches with blazing speed.

What BigFix clients are saying

"We can now quickly, easily and accurately produce audit reports for HIPAA and meaningful use compliance. This has helped us obtain a considerable sum of meaningful use incentive dollars"

- Infirmary Health System

"Now that we know what we've deployed and where, we're better positioned to find any unpatched holes in our sytems and keep our corporate data protected"

- Large insurance company

"By auditing ourselves with IBM BigFix, we reduced what could have been over a million dollars in penalties to less than $7,000"

- US Foods

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Endpoints: The Beginning of Your Defense

When considering IT security, many people see the endpoint as the last line of defense. However, given that the goal of any cyberattack is to gain access to a vulnerable endpoint, and that all breaches will ultimately involve at least one endpoint, protecting and fortifying endpoints should be where an organization’s security program starts.

Winning the Three-Legged Race Toward Endpoint Protection

If your organization is like most, IT security and operations teams probably function a lot like the duos in a three-legged race. And while that might be an amusing sight at a family reunion when the stakes are low, it’s not so funny when you consider what’s at stake for your organization if your teams can’t operate in unison: the heightened risk of a security breach that could cost you millions.

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