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Application and Process


Web application security for a smarter planet. Web applications connect clients and drive business processes IBM delivers end-to-end security for web applications. Protect data and client trust with integrated web security

The challenge

Businesses are being asked to deliver more sophisticated and complex services to customers, employees and partners. But the applications that meet these demands must also be adaptable to constantly changing market demands. Increasingly the choice is to use Web-based applications for these new services. Businesses must focus on the security of these applications in order to protect themselves from potential exposure of confidential information and damage to the systems. Threats that are more than inconveniences, but can put the entire business at risk. Protection from these threats must be taken into account holistically – through the lifecycle of applications – from development to deployment to ongoing management and end-of-life consideration.

IBM’s application security solutions allow companies to preemptively and actively protect applications from external and internal threats.