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It’s a new IT world. How secure are your systems?

Technology continues marching forward. Your IT systems must now supply enormous amounts of data to users around the globe, who access it from both their organizational and personal handheld devices. This new world brings the challenge of securing your systems and data in a multi-perimeter world.

A siloed approach to system security is no longer effective against these multiple and varied threat profiles. To effectively protect your network and the valuable data it houses, you need a security solution with broad coverage across IT security domains.

With an extensive security framework spanning hardware, software and expertise, IBM is uniquely positioned to deliver that total solution. The IBM security framework―which includes many new updates to existing products along with customized support services―provides you across-the-board security with enhanced benefits including:

  • Mobile – improved security posture with enhanced endpoint authentication and code security testing for iOS applications
  • Cloud – reduced attack threats and compliance risks with optimized patch management for dynamic cloud environments
  • Big data – continuous insight with real-time event data correlation and integrated security analysis of that data
  • Foundational – increased user security with built-in web access and web content protection, role-based user entitlements, and context-aware access controls
  • Expertise – more confidence from a global security team ready to strengthen and protect your infrastructure and help you manage security incidents in real-time

IBM Security solutions can help you by providing a comprehensive security framework

Protect the competitive advantages residing in your big data stores

Secure access to the data that resides in the cloud.

Defend your enterprise against the growing risks posed by mobile devices.

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