Payment Solutions

SureSwitch V5.2

Feature Benefits
Point of sale agnostic A single financial switch can be used to process different types of card transactions from multiple point of sale systems. SureSwitch has a terminal handler module that is capable of communicating with any point of sale terminal or server that can communicate over a network. The terminal handler supports national and international message sets including sales with gratuities, cashback, refunds and reversals.
Contactless card support Provides a single solution to handle authorisation and settlement of contactless as well as contact cards.
Multi-threaded communications interface Designed to use all available connections to the authorisation centre to maximise throughput.
PCI-DSS compliance Capable of complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) when installed and configured correctly. Compliance is achieved through encryption of card number data, access control and audit logging.
Support for multiple card schemes Authorises and processes card transactions according to the rules supplied by the merchant acquirer and retailer for any given card type and scheme. SureSwitch is highly configurable, allowing the retailer to determine exactly how each card type will be handled.
Store configuration and reporting Provides a comprehensive setup & management of the merchant’s estate through a browser based configuration tool with an extensive set of standard reports that can be easily customised to meet an individual merchant’s requirements.
Deployed or Hosted Support for deployment either into a merchant’s own data centre or in a Toshiba or 3rd party hosted environment depending on the needs of an individual customer.

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