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StorePay Version 4

Feature Benefits
Payment device agnostic StorePay sits between the card acceptance device (which may be a card reader or screen based device) and a retail authorisation switch such as SureSwitch or a card payment acquirer. Integration with any point of sale or similar point of service solution (e.g. Self Checkout, Kiosk) is achieved through a standard interface provided by the StorePay product. StorePay supports a number of different payment devices, thereby offering retailers hardware choice.
Contactless card support Incorporates support for EMV® and MSD based contactless chip cards issued by Visa payWave (qVSDC standard) and MasterCard PayPass (M/CHIP standard). Contactless card payment support is an optional product feature.
EMV support Supports EMV chip cards (contact) that conform to the Europay, MasterCard & Visa Standard (EMV®). EMV® is a trademark owned by EMVCo LLC.
PCI-DSS compliance Capable of complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) when installed and configured correctly. Compliance is achieved through encryption of card numbers, access control and audit logging.
Support for multiple card schemes Validates and processes card transactions according to the rules supplied by the merchant acquirer and retailer for any given card type and scheme. StorePay is highly configurable, allowing the retailer to determine exactly how each card type will be handled.
Support for multiple tender types Enables the retailer to use the same card management system for multiple tenders, including
Terminal management Enables the retailer to control their payment environment through asset management and tracking, firmware update delivery and anti-fraud functionality.
Online authorisation and settlement Enables retailers to authorise certain card transactions and perform settlement via a number of remote host systems (including SureSwitch). The system can be used to authorise sales, refunds, sales with cash and cashback. Online authorisation enables the store to choose to have certain transactions automatically validated and authorised by third-party servicers. Such a third party may be the servicer or another organisation with online access to the servicer’s data.
Hospitality Payment Server Allows easy integration with existing Hospitality solutions while minimising the requirement for new accreditation with every retailer. It is designed to manage the different types of transactions that may be encountered in a hospitality environment including bar, hotel, pay at table and split bills.

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