Toshiba. Leading Innovation. Store solutions come from Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Toshiba. Leading Innovation. Store solutions come from Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Gateway to a smarter store

Recent industry studies prove the store provides the best means for retailers to deepen their relationship with consumers. For over a combined 80 years, stores have depended on us to help deliver a shopping experience that satisfies customers. Today is no exception. From point-of-sale and self checkout solutions to loss prevention and mobility, we are setting a new standard that is making retail smarter.

What we offer

  • Cross-Channel

    Today the consumer controls and shapes their individual shopping experience across channels. A shopper's journey, prompted by an email, moves to a shopping list on mobile a device, to a kiosk in the store that describes complementary products, to a purchase at a traditional checkout lane. Together Commerce cross-channel solutions enable the retailer’s brand to be visible and interactive at all of these touch-points, enabling seamless channel-hopping across devices.

  • Store Operations

    Smarter store operations solutions, products and services help retailers drive down costs and increase revenue by creating efficiencies throughout the store environment. They include proactive store operations management and flexible merchandising that leverage existing investments in POS, digital video solutions, and retail analytics. Our solutions help streamline operations and increase sales while causing minimal disruption to business during implementation for a strong ROI.

  • Loss Prevention

    Inventory shrink is a growing challenge for retailers worldwide, costing over $120 billion annually in lost sales and revenue. To combat this growing challenge, we offer industry-leading loss prevention solutions that integrate with your existing point of sale, self checkout, and digital video surveillance systems. Combined with a team of seasoned loss prevention experts, a solution can rapidly be delivered to help reduce shrink that can begin delivering ROI within weeks of installation.

  • Self service

    In today's fast-paced environment, consumers want to change the way they interact with their retailers, based on new expectations. This new "breed" of consumers expects not only to access information and perform transactions quickly, but also wants greater consistency in how they interact with retailers, regardless of retail segment or store size. Self-service meets the needs of these new consumers by giving them control, which is why it is appearing in more and more retail environments. Self checkout and kiosks are key aspects of this explosive self service industry.

  • Independent grocery and retail

    These retail solutions enable independent retailers to deliver and maintain advanced functionality, fast checkout, electronic payment, promotions, self service, and loyalty programs to address the needs of their customers. Packaged solutions and our large business partner ecosystem are ideally configured and priced for the independent market.

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