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Why Toshiba Payment Solutions?

Toshiba is a leading provider of solutions that are designed to help retailers manage and process card payments in an ever-changing market environment. From 1980’s onwards, Toshiba started to automate the payment process with innovations such as swiping the magnetic stripe on the card and then enabling online authorisation of card transactions. When the United Kingdom (UK) went live with Chip and PIN in 2005, Toshiba was first to roll out this technology in a Tier 1 retailer. Toshiba payment software now powers more than 80,000 POS in the UK and many more in the rest of the world.

The recently announced versions of our payment solutions (Toshiba StorePay, Toshiba Electronic Payment System and Toshiba SureSwitch) continue to provide enhanced business function, additional security and support for the latest EMV standards.

The optional contactless payment feature supports the use of contactless cards that only need to be swiped over a reader, as you would an Oyster card, to make payment.

Toshiba is committed to maintaining and extending our position in the card payments industry. Planning for future releases is an ongoing process and we work with industry partners, standards bodies and customers to ensure the roadmap continues to reflect the needs of customers and industry trends.

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