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IBM SurePOS 300 Series

Models 350/35A/E50/E5A

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A great fit

The new IBM SurePOS™ 300 Series brings smarter store solutions to small and midsized retailers who need a high-performing, energy-efficient point-of-sale system with a small footprint—and at the lowest cost. Now offered with the powerful and rock-solid IBM 4690 Operating System, the SurePOS 300 delivers top levels of customer service for any size retailer, including support for the IBM Smarter Checkout for 4690 solution that drives new and innovative revenue opportunities.

More frills where it counts

When IBM introduces a new point-of-sale system, the POS has functionality that our clients need most. Today that means enabling a retailer to offer personalised, interactive services from multiple channels and devices at checkout. In less than a foot of counter space, the small SurePOS 300 packs big features that energise the shopping experience for customers and employees, and that help grow sales faster for the retailer.

Next-generation technologies include the innovative and retail-optimised IBM 4690 Operating System V6.3 Enhanced terminal (available with NVRAM feature for 350 and 35A models); the same chip set as on the flagship SurePOS 700 Series; and an optional solid state drive—all to deliver performance enhancements and optimise the most demanding customer service solutions. With the latest system, employees and shoppers are empowered to interact in new ways and with a wide choice of devices, including mobile.

Superior graphics ensure multimedia applications respond at their best, such as videos and third-party promotions on customer-facing displays. Memory scalable up to 4 GB2 and replaceable SurePorts mean retailers can use existing assets and introduce new services and devices as needed. Embedded security features help protect against viruses and tampering.

1 Performance comparison to previous model 340.

2 MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessibility may be less.

3 The new IBM SurePOS 300 models deliver a 36.1% reduction in maximum power consumption compared to select withdrawn models. Turning on deep sleep for 12 hours should save an additional 47%.

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