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What IBM’s Retail Store Solutions customers need to know

Dear Valued Customer,

On April 17, 2012, IBM announced the sale of it Retail Store Solutions business unit to Toshiba TEC Corporation.   We understand this transition may have implications on your business with IBM and the newly formed company, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS).  To assist you in this transition, the attached letter describes some very important information to prepare your company for conducting business with TGCS.

I want to personally thank you for your business with IBM's Retail Store Solutions and look forward to a continued partnership as we launch Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Corporation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Retail Store Solutions Sales Representative if you require additional information.


John Gaydac

John Gaydac

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Executive Vice President Global Sales and Professional Services

On April 17, 2012, International Business Machines Corporation and Toshiba TEC Corporation announced that they had entered into definitive agreements whereby Toshiba TEC will acquire IBM’s Retail Store Solutions (“RSS”) business, which offers retail point-of-sale solutions worldwide.

To assist you in this transition, this letter describes some important information to prepare your business for October 1, 2012. Most of your IBM RSS contacts in sales, service delivery, support and education will remain the same. Many of the business processes will remain the same or be very similar. Here are some important actions you should consider:

  1. Setup TGCS as a vendor in your company.
  2. If you have a Purchase Order with IBM, you will need to reissue it to reflect the products that are moving to TGCS.
  3. If you have a quote for purchase outstanding from IBM RSS, you should work with your Sales Representative to receive an updated document from TGCS.  The new document will have the same pricing IBM previously committed to you, however the part numbers, descriptions, and other information may change to reflect TGCS.
  4. Work with your Sales Representative to obtain your new customer number from TGCS.

We anticipate that you and your organization will experience a smooth transition.  During this process, the IBM team and your TGCS representative are available to answer any questions and to address your ongoing product and service needs

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Affiliates

Subject to the terms of the contract and other relevant documents, your customer contract for IBM RSS products will be transferred to TGCS.  You may have already, or will shortly, receive a letter regarding your customer contract.

List of Products Affected by the Transition

The list of IBM products that are affected by this transition can be found below.

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New part numbers and product descriptions may replace the existing IBM part numbers and product descriptions. The correct part numbers and descriptions will appear on any quotes and invoices you may receive from TGCS.

Customer Identification Numbers

IBM customer numbers will be replaced by customer numbers from TGCS.  Your new customer numbers will appear on purchase documentation.  You may also contact your sales representative to obtain your new customer number.

Purchasing, Invoicing, and Accounts Payable

TGCS will use similar processes as IBM RSS for acquiring hardware, appliances, software products, and services.  You should continue to work with your sales representatives to purchase RSS products and services.  If you have a quote for purchase outstanding after September 30, 2012, you should work with your Sales Representative to receive an updated document from TGCS.  If you have a financing contract with IBM Global Finance, this contract will not be affected by this transition.

With regard to payments, you should pay all invoices issued by IBM to IBM.  All invoices issued by TGCS should be paid to TGCS.  Please review your remit to address for proper payment.  All purchase documentation, such as invoices, will be sent to the appropriate address listed in your current IBM RSS customer profile.

TGCS will also have a different vendor Tax Identification Number than IBM RSS.

Maintenance and Support Renewals

Following the close of the transaction, IBM will continue to provide maintenance and warranty services to TGCS clients under a multi-year service agreement.  You should expect to receive seamless support from IBM under the terms of your current maintenance contracts.  You should also continue to place service calls to IBM for all of your products using the same process that you use today.  All IBM RSS open problem records (PMRs), including any open Critical Situations (CritSits), will continue to be open and worked by the support teams.

Over time, maintenance personnel are expected to join the new company as determined jointly by IBM and Toshiba.  This will occur over a multi-year transition period, and we expect it to be seamless to our customers.

For support contracts, you should continue to work with your current IBM maintenance sales representative as you have in the past.  They will be happy to assist you with any maintenance contracting needs for your retail products, be they IBM or TGCS products.

IBM and TGCS are committed to work together to help assure continued service excellence.

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