Other systems and adapters support




  Fiscal Publications Information PN 02L0789
  POSS for DOS Printer Driver v114 01/25/99
  Fiscal Printer Dump Program
Only for 4679-3BS and 4679-3BM 
4679 (ASEAN) Publications (Chinese)
4689 (ASEAN) Publications
  Engineering Information
  Font/Firmware Download Utility v2.00
Firmware update file for drivers 09/14/00
Font Support Files 06/26/00
Contains the Japan Mincho Style,
Gothic Style and user-defined fonts 

Barcode Publications
  Getting Started Guide

Compact ANPOS Keyboard (CANPOS)

CANPOS Firmware & Utilities v1.55 01//2007
These packages contains all files including firmware v1.21 and configuration utility for an OS. Release notes and other CANPOS tips are in the Knowledgebase.

Access Keyboard (EMEA only)

2450 Configuration Utility and Guide v1.2

Toshiba Color Kitchen System

Kitchen Installation and Service Manual   (GA27-4009-02) 01/99
  Microcode Update and Diagnostics Disk v1.0.1

Toshiba PCI POS Adapters

Store Loop &

Installation and Service Manual   (GA27-4009-02) 01/99

NVRAM Configuration Instructions (PN 04K9399)  01//99
  Diagnostic Diskette v1.0 04/2003
  Diagnostic Diskette v2.0 01/2010
(For use on X-Series Model X3200 M3 only)
57P4237/8 Diagnostic Diskette

Other Downloads

Keyboard Scan Code Utility
DOS tool to show scan codes for a PS/2 attached keyboard

Bootable Diskette
Toshiba PC DOS V2000 bootable diskette for diagnostic use NOT FOR RESALE
System Diskette
Toshiba PC DOS V2000 system diskette for diagnostic use NOT FOR RESALE