4695 SurePOS Terminal Support


BIOS Model 3xx BIOS Update (EXE, 526KB) vGV3_030 10/12/00
Although the 30 level is designed for all 3xx models, it only contains updates for the 344 and 324 models. You may continue to use the level 28 BIOS (EXE, 1MB) on other models.

Model 3xx BIOS Recovery (EXE, 260KB) vGV3_030 10/12/00
This diskette allows you to recover from BIOS update that did not complete properly because of a power failure or other reason. If you have a 28 level BIOS, you must use the level 28 BIOS Recovery (EXE, 256KB) disk.

Model 2xx BIOS Update (EXE, 175KB) v1.21.14 11/25/97
4695-211 SN < D5425 w/C&T65535/40 may require 1M VRAM to prevent lcd video ghosting

Model 022/032 BIOS Update (EXE, 223KB) RA-107 03/12/98
Required for early models Proxy Configuration Utility (EXE, 188KB) v1.01 03/04/98
This utility allows you to configure a 4694-124 with a 4695-0x2 Distributed System
Video Model 3xx
Model 211
Model 022/032 adapter photo
Model 002/012 adapter photo
Model 3xx
Windows NT 4.0 (ZIP, 32KB)
Novell Network (ZIP, 72KB)
DOS Network (ZIP, 38KB)
OS/2 Network (ZIP, 42KB)
Windows NT 4.0 (ZIP, 32KB)
Novell Network (ZIP, 72KB)
DOS Network (ZIP, 38KB)
OS/2 Network (ZIP, 42KB)
Windows 98 (ZIP, 27KB)
Windows 95 (ZIP, 33KB)
Windows 3.11 (ZIP, 18KB)
Models 324/344
v0.0.5 09/15/00
Windows 2000 (EXE, 174KB)
Model 2xx
Use NE2000 support in Windows 95/98/NT
v1.04 Novell Network (ZIP, 271KB)
DOS Network (ZIP, 271KB)
OS/2 Network (ZIP, 271KB)
Windows 3.11 (ZIP, 271KB)
Service Service/Diagnostic Diskette (EXE, 1.5MB) v6.05 08/20/02
Use the service/diagnostic diskette to check that the system unit and attached devices work correctly during installation and after any repair actions.
Others LCD Contrast utility
Windows 95/NT (ZIP, 372KB) model 3xx/2xx only DOS (ZIP, 3KB) All models
PCMCIA Drivers for DOS/Windows 3.11 (ZIP, 271KB) v1.04
For Windows 95/NT use the Cirrus Logic drivers and for Warp 4 use the Matsushita drivers
Model 2xx Keyboard/Mouse Fix for Windows 3.1 (ZIP, 999B)
Enable keyboard and mouse when starting
Model 2xx COM Port Utility (ZIP, 324B)
Disable system board RS232 com ports
Model 002/012/2xx VESA Video Mode test program (ZIP, 25KB)
Model 002/012 LCD Adapter Mono to Color Upgrade (ZIP, 716KB)
Model 002/012 Enable PC750-P90 Keyboard Program (ZIP, 893B)
Model 002/012/2xx/3xx Touch/MSR Fix (ZIP, 660B)
Microcode patch for POSS for Windows 1.4.0 and POSS for OS/2 1.6.0 systems
Model 002/012/2xx/3xx Keyboard Hot Plug Fix (ZIP, 11KB)
Hot plug keyboard - driver patch for Windows 95 systems
Note To rebuild diskettes from image files, download the EXE file, insert a diskette in drive A: and run the EXE file. If you are rebuilding the image under Windows NT® you must go to a command prompt and enter "FORCEDOS filename.exe to rebuild the diskette

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