4694 SurePOS Terminal Support



See Engineering Update Info for more details on the BIOS levels included on each diskette..

Video Model xx7 Video Support 4.13 08/26/02
Windows 98 (EXE, 5MB) - Windows NT (EXE, 8.2MB) - Windows 2000 (EXE, 5.5MB) - Windows XP (EXE, 4.3MB)
You will also need to install DirectX (link resides outside of ibm.com) from Microsoft.
Windows 98 (EXE, 10.9MB) - Windows 2000 (EXE, 7MB)

Model 2x6 Video Support
AGP drivers: Windows 98/2000 (EXE, 585KB) 4.03 06/20/00
Video drivers: Windows 98 (ZIP, 10.1MB) - Windows NT (ZIP, 7.2MB) - Windows 2000 (ZIP, 7.6MB) 6.3.3 06/20/00
The AGP drivers are required & must be installed first on Windows 98/2000. Do NOT use the AGP drivers with Windows NT. You must also be at SP 4 or later when using Windows NT. See Engineering Update Information for more details.

Model xx7 & 2x7 Dual Monitor Support
These video drivers enable multiple monitor support on these models of the 4694.
Windows 98 (EXE, 8.2MB) v5.25 - Windows 2000 (EXE, 5.8MB) v5.22
Model 2x5 Video Driver for Windows 2000(272KB) 04/25/00
These files are only for Windows 2000 as Windows 98SE includes the required drivers. Installation instructions are included in 4694w2k.txt.

Cirrus Logic Video Controller ID Utility (ZIP, 12,5KB)
This allows you to verify the POST Video Controller in Model 0xx and 1xx terminals and select the right driver.

Video Controller/Driver Information
This applies to Model 0xx and 1xx terminals
Network Models xx7 Network Support
DOS Configuration and usage instruction

Models 2x5 & 2x6 Network Support
Configuration and usage instruction (ZIP, 174KB)
Windows NT 4. (ZIP, 426KB)
Novell  Network (ZIP, 454KB)
DOS Network (ZIP, 355KB)
Windows 95/98 (ZIP, 394KB)
OS/2 Network (ZIP, 225KB)
Windows 3.1 (ZIP, 418KB)
SCO Unix (ZIP, 401KB)
Model 0xx, 1xx and 2x4 Network Support
Supplemental Drivers (ZIP, 746KB) v3.5.9 04/20/99
Includes DOS and Windows 95 Networking support, RPL instructions and utility programs
Lantastic Network Support Updates (ZIP, 426KB)
LAN 4.0 DOS LAN Services Driver Update (ZIP, 11.2KB)
Service Service/Diagnostic Diskette (EXE, 844KB) v6.10 10/2013
Use the service/diagnostic diskette to check that the system unit and attached devices work correctly during installation and after any repair actions.

DBCS Service/Diagnostic Diskette (EXE, 1.5MB) v5.11 01/04
Use the service/diagnostic diskette to check that the system unit and attached devices work correctly during installation and after any repair actions.

Other Model 2x5 CD ROM Driver
NVRAM Clear Utility 11/30/01
This utility will clear NVRAM including the Terminal Number for 4690 OS & 4690 Terminal services for DOS

Font Utility (ZIP, 1.8KB)
This TSR provides additional fonts support for 4694-1xx models only

Model xx7 Audio Driver (EXE, 4.3MB)v2.20a 01/24/02
This driver supports Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Model xx7 VIA USB Filter (ZIP, 905KB)v1.10 04/16/02
This driver supports Windows 98SE//2000/XP

Model xx7 IDE Controller Patch - 04/16/02 v1.10 04/16/02
Windows 98SE (ZIP, 106KB) - Windows 2000 (ZIP, 2.8KB)
Note To rebuild diskettes from image files, download the EXE file, insert a diskette in drive A: and run the EXE file. If you are rebuilding the image under Windows NT® you must go to a command prompt and enter "FORCEDOS filename.exe to rebuild the diskette

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