SureOne (4614) product support


Some of the links below point to files used on multiple terminals that share common subsystems with the SureOne. The links and files have been verified correct for the SureOne.

BIOS searsModel xx1/xx2/xx3 (EXE, 823KB) v5.0.03 07/16/01

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x (EXE, 764KB) vM14 11/08
See Engineering Update Information for the model specifc BIOS level in this diskette.

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x VIA Drivers (EXE, 1.1MB) 4.38 04/02
VIA 4 in 1 Drivers for Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP

PCI Serial 06/02
Windows 98 (ZIP, 133KB) - Windows NT (EXE, 1.1MB)Windows 2000 (EXE, 188KB) - Windows XP (EXE, 142KB) - DOS (EXE, 80.2KB)
Extended COM/RS232 port support for Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08J0x only

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x Enable FIFO Utility (ZIP, 1.3KB) v1.00 12/03
This utility enables the PCI Serial Port FIFO for external Serial Ports on the model xx4/xx5 (for DOS only).

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x Set IRQ Utilities v1.00 06/03
SETIRQ3 (ZIP, 1.3KB) - SETIRQ4 (ZIP, 1.3KB) - SETIRQ5 (ZIP, 1.3KB)
These utilities change the PCI serial IRQ level to IRQ3, IRQ4 or IRQ5 (for DOS only). The system BIOS MUST be updated to vM.05 or later before using these utilities.
Video searsModel xx1/xx2/xx3 (EXE, 1MB) v1.3.0 05/04/99
This diskette image contains all video drivers for these models.

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x 4.13 08/26/02
Windows 98 (EXE, 5MB) - Windows NT (EXE, 8.2MB)Windows 2000 (EXE, 5.5MB) - Windows XP (EXE, 4.5MB)
Network searsModel xx1/xx2/xx3 Supplemental Drivers (ZIP, 746KB) v3.5.9 04/20/99
Includes DOS and Windows 95 Networking support, RPL instructions and utility  programs for the 4614-xx1/xx2/xx3, 4693, 4694 and 4695.

Model xx1/xx2/xx3 Lantastic DE22x Network Drivers (ZIP, 11.2KB)

Model xx1/xx2/xx3 IBM DOS LAN Server V4 DE22x Network Drivers (ZIP, 11.2KB)

Models xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x Network Support
DOS Configuration and usage instruction
DOS ODI Driver (ZIP, 13.6KB) v1.00 12/02
The ODI Driver is required to support Netware’s IPX/IP protocol.
DOS PCTCP Packet Driver (ZIP, 43.4KB) v12.2 7/03
This driver is maintained by National Semiconductor
Note: This driver does not support Ghost drive imaging.
Service searsDiagnostics, All models (EXE, 804KB) v1.31  02/04
Use the service/diagnostic diskette to check that the  system unit and attached devices work correctly during installation and after any repair actions.
Other searsProgrammable Keyboard Microcode Update (EXE, 191KB) V2D 04/04/00

Keyboard and MSR Utility (ZIP, 793KB)
Will enable you to set the keyboard/MSR speed.

Set Numlock Utility OS/2 (ZIP, 7.1KB)  OS/2 PM (ZIP, 5.9KB)  Windows NT (ZIP, 107KB)
Will enable you to set the numlock state.

Windows Video Ghosting Update (ZIP, 41.5KB)
Use this if you see shadowing of icons and letters in Windows 3.1/95 on xx1/xx2/xx3 models.

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x Audio Driver (EXE, 4.3MB) v2.20a 01/24/02

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x VIA USB Filter (ZIP, 905KB) v1.10 04/16/02
This driver supports Windows 98SE//2000

Model xx4/xx5/p8x/C08/J0x IDE Controller Patch - 04/16/02
Windows 98SE (ZIP, 106KB) - Windows 2000 (ZIP, 2.8KB)
Drivers Retail Peripherals - Please choose a Peripheral Driver package based on the operating system you are using. Note: POSS for DOS drivers can not be used with SureOne systems.
Note To rebuild diskettes from image files, download the EXE file, insert a diskette in drive A: and run the EXE file. If you are rebuilding the image under Windows NT® you must go to a command prompt and enter "FORCEDOS filename.exe to rebuild the diskette

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