Consumer Mobile Shopper Solution

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Feature Benefits
SurePOS 700 or SurePOS 300 These energy efficient, award-winning POS systems deliver maximum performance and adaptability to customers of all sizes.
4690 V6R2 Operating System The premier POS platform for retail solutions with almost a million installations worldwide. Powerful features and capabilities provide a secure, reliable and optimized infrastructure for improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Store Integrator V3R2 Extends POS functionality to all touchpoints in the store
SurePOS ACE Version 7 Application Client Server Equipment (ACE) is the preferred POS checkout application for grocery and mass merchandiser retailers. It provides high volume screening, robust promotions and electronic marketing capabilities that speed checkout, provide personalized shopping and drive revenues.
Date Integration Facility V2 Carries business data to/from store and enterprise for up-selling and cross-selling, promotions, discounts during consumer shopping experience
CHEC Version 6.5 (includes WebSphere Application Server version 7.0, RMA Master Agent Version V2R6, Java Runtime Environment version 1.6, DB2 Express Edition version 9.5) Enables self service pay stations for faster customer payment
Store Integrator/SI GUI Gives customers and employees a consistent view of POS data across store systems—at self checkout systems, kiosks and pricing stations.
Honeywell Swift Decoder Mobile This high-performance bar coding software provides hand-held scanners with fast and accurate scanning of bar codes from any direction on a product and reduces costly errors by eliminating misreads.

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