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TOSHIBA’s ideal packaged solutions, together with our large Business Partner ecosystem, are ideally configured and priced for the independent market. These bundles not only fulfill the hardware and software needs, but also provide a dependable source for customization, implementation and on-going support.

Grocery POS bundle The TOSHIBA SurePOS ACE Independent Grocer package is a comprehensive POS solution, including integration, development and support, available from authorized Business Partners. Technical support is available locally to keep stores operating at peak productivity.
Retail POS bundle Whether you're a specialty retailer, general merchant, convenience store or pharmacy, the TOSHIBA SurePOS ACE Independent Retailers package is the complete POS solution to manage transactions and data, help lower costs and stay competitive
Store management TOSHIBA Store Management Suite featuring LOC Software includes everything Independents need to serve customers and fill daily business needs, including centralized pricing, labels and digital merchandising.
Smarter checkout TOSHIBA’s Smarter Checkout Solution is a stack of TOSHIBA’s top retail offerings that can help retailers increase immediate and future sales.
Loss prevention TOSHIBA Store Loss Prevention solutions can help retailers reduce shrink and deliver ROI in less than 12 months. The proven loss prevention solutions leverage the industry-leading hardware, software, OS and services of the TOSHIBA Smarter Checkout Solution.
Self service TOSHIBA Self Checkout System 6 helps speed checkout, optimize floor space, improve cash management with cash recycling while offering real investment protection.

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