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Independent Grocers face an increasingly competitive marketplace. They have to compete with large grocery chains, regional chains and supercenters with name recognition, mass buying power, advertising assistance, extensive loyalty programs and the most current point-of-sale technology. Toshiba knows independent grocers need the same powerful technology and functionality at the POS in order to compete. They need the tools to provide a fast checkout experience, better cashier productivity and expanded services to shoppers. That’s why Toshiba has developed a reliable, affordable POS solution specifically for independent grocers.

An Independent Grocer is defined as an enterprise of 100 stores or less, whose primary source of salable goods is grocery wholesalers.

The complete POS solution

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions offers the Toshiba SurePOS ACE (Application Client Server Environment) Independent Grocer Package (AIG) supported by Toshiba's highly skilled Business Partners who are dedicated to providing a high level of service to the independent grocer. The AIG package gives retailers the tools to build a customer-centric store experience that can build deeper, more profitable relationships and help increase revenue. Plus, it is creates a flexible, future-ready technology platform that integrates new store solutions with ease, low risk and fast time to value.

Offer available in US only.

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