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The Toshiba Worldwide Services organization offers a wide range of services including software customization, in-store integration, store-to-enterprise integration, and IT consulting.

Retail Loss Prevention Solutions

Cashier Shrink and Fraud Solution

Toshiba Intelligent Cashier Shrink Solution, featuring Hawkeye® advanced video auditing solution by Agilence, gives retailers the ability to monitor, identify and dramatically reduce front-end shrink. By matching item-level detail from point of sale (POS) transactions with frame-by-frame video, it detects shrink that current exception-based reporting tools miss. This allows retailers to not only identify more instances of fraud, but to also identify other sources of shrink such as packaging, pricing, promotional and operational problems that are not written to the transaction log (Tlog).These can only be discovered by integrating each line-item scan with a corresponding frame of video and having a powerful query tool to root out the causes of these losses. Retailers using the Cashier Shrink and Fraud Solution can realize a 6 to 1 ROI in as little as 12 months.

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Bottom of the Basket (BoB) Solution

Toshiba’s BoB Loss Prevention Solution featuring LaneHawk from Evolution Robotics Retail delivers immediate BoB shrink reduction at the front-end. By boosting daily per lane profits, retailers can see a 2 to 1 ROI in just nine to twelve months. The cost-effective, end-to-end solution uses ERR’s patented Visual Pattern Recognition Technology (ViPro™) to detect and identify items below the basket. Leveraging Store Integrator, the BoB items are automatically added to the POS transaction. The intelligent LaneHawk cameras not only accurately recognize and identify individual items based on the unique design characteristics of their packaging, they can do so with as little as 10 - 15 percent visibility. Multiple items can be accurately analyzed simultaneously.

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Store Operations

Store Operations Analytics Solution

Toshiba Store Operations Analytics Solution featuring retail video analytics technology from Scopix leverages existing video surveillance technology to give retailers a cost-effective foundation for continuous, automated monitoring of store operations. The comprehensive solution suite captures video data to analyze and measures live in-store conditions against specific retailer-defined benchmarks. The solution provides actionable insights that can be used across lines of business from marketing to merchandising to store management.

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