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The Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Worldwide Services organization offers a wide range of engagement services including software customization, integrating in-store, cross-channel and store-to enterprise solutions, and IT consulting.

Software customization

Through customization, point-of-sale (POS) software can be customized to appear and respond in specific ways that meet customers’ changing needs. We can work with you to optimize solutions, including TCxGravity and the complete set of 4690 POS applications and products from business partners and other vendors. Our professionals are experts in leveraging pre-existing software assets, such as the Toshiba StorePay™ payment system, the Electronic Marketing Enterprise (EME) loyalty solution, GSA and CDSA Promotional Pricing solutions, or clean receipts for the Toshiba 4690 Supermarket Application, to enhance your current POS application and store systems.

Cross-channel integration

Cross-channel shopping occurs whenever a consumer moves from one channel to another during the course of a single shopping experience. Common examples include order online and pick-up in-store (click-and-pick); order in-store for home delivery; or scanning items on a mobile device then paying at the point-of-sale register. The rate at which certain retailers adopt these capabilities may vary and is driven by technological path-dependence. We team with retailers to help drive the highest level of business value from cross-channel shopping.

Store-to-enterprise integration

Through enterprise integration, retailers can extend the POS and POS data beyond the “brick-and-mortar” store to enterprise-level applications. For example, retailers may want to integrate POS software with applications for customer loyalty, inventory management, and multi-channel transactions, including Web-based applications. Retailers also can establish an enterprise-level electronic marketing program. Some may need the POS application to support debit, credit, check, gift cards, EBT transactions, or other payment systems across the enterprise. Or some retailers may require specialized middleware that simplifies enterprise-level integration, such as a real time T-log trickle, integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as SAP, or integration between the POS and in-store processor (ISP) systems.

IT consulting

Consulting services to help retailers with a variety of needs are offered through Toshiba Worldwide Services. We can structure consulting workshops focused on a specific in-store problem or integration requirement, or create a more comprehensive session designed to help identify and prioritize objectives. Consulting engagements provide an external perspective as well as technology recommendations based on the desired objectives of a specific solution. Also, package selection services are provided.

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