Toshiba VisualStore Suite V5.1

Available in Europe and Asia

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VS Server

The VisualStore server is the heart of the entire system, hosting all the store parameters and item data, managing the POS terminals and handling the communications and data exchange with internal and external systems. Toshiba VisualStore Suite V5.1 is designed with a store-in-store architecture, meaning that multiple logical sub-stores can be managed from a single location. It can also be used for separate in-store locations—for example, coffee shops, specialty stores, etc. Each store is characterized by its own department structure, items and promotions.


The sales application runs on the point-of-sale terminals and manages peripherals, printouts, etc. The layered architecture allows changes to be made to the GUI and can be designed according to business flow and for different stores and departments within a store. It includes a tool that allows the user to create and format a variety of various documents (sales and return receipts, credit notes, invoices and checks).

With minimal requirements for both POS system memory and processor speed, the application is designed to be used for multiple functions and to be installed without replacing existing hardware and peripherals.

VS Scale

The full VisualStore POS terminal application can be implemented on PC scales and offers seamless operation with the VS Server. A single transaction, started at the butcher counter, for example, can be resumed at check out. The application runs on self-service scales (e.g. vegetables) and on serve scales (e.g. butcher counter).

Dual display model is also supported, offering an effective communication channel with the consumer for product information (e.g. nutritional, recipes), recommendations (promotions, cross selling) e and general advice. For smaller stores, the master scale can also act as a checkout terminal. VS Scale is currently supported on the following models (with Welmec certification):

VS Admin Client

This application provides remote access to the VS Server for administration and non-sales functions such as reporting, item reservation, department sales and data analysis.

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