Toshiba Supermarket Point of Sale Application

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Feature Benefits
Electronic marketing support Roll out frequent shopper programs to improve customer service
Touchscreen GUI interface Help improve productivity and train more operators in less time with a Java-based touchscreen GUI developed using Toshiba SureVision GUI for 4690 or Toshiba 4690 GUI ASTRA. Also enables retailers to partition the video screen to show customer receipt, subtotal and two areas for advertising that can generate new streams of revenue
Toshiba SureMark™ printer support Take advantage of fast, high-quality thermal receipt printing at the POS
Electronic journaling Easily capture journal data at the POS and store it on the POS controller, eliminating the need to store or handle paper journal rolls
Multiple currency support Handle multiple international currencies for any tender type
Enhancement feature Add returned-item support, menus by job function, EAN 99 support, support for up to three separate pricing quantities, and enhanced automatic reporting
Value Pack 2001 Add comparison pricing on receipts, password expiration controls, Java GUI support for the customer display, miscellaneous item tender accounting and other specialized functions
Terminal off-line feature Help improve item price accuracy with terminal backup for price lookup in a single-controller configuration
Enhanced electronic funds transfer Supports external verification of debit, EBT, credit and check tenders to streamline transactions (meets U.S. banking requirements only)

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