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Technical requirements
Toshiba TCxWave
SurePOS 100 Series
SurePOS 300 Series
SurePOS 500 Series
SurePOS 700 Series
Toshiba AnyPlace Kiosk
Toshiba Self Checkout
SureMark™ Printers and I/O
Hardware requirements*
General Agent, minimum
1 GHz Processor, at least
40 MB of free memory
(32 MB used by JVM™)
Master Agent, minimum
1 GHz Processor, at least
1 GB of system Memory
Operating systems
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 7
Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) 1.1
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition SP2
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Toshiba 4690 OS, V6R2 or later

* GHz refers to microprocessor internal clock speed; MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to storage capacity

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