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Feature Benefits
Remote visibility for all your retail store systems Provides visibility and monitoring of POS software and hardware – including attached I/O devices—from a single console.
Smarter software management with new “Update Manager” feature Leverages a powerful platform to distribute and maintain software for your retail systems, minimizing the complexity of introducing new systems, improving IT staff processes and streamlining implementation of new, cost-effective, competitive changes.
New “red, yellow, green” indicators for health status – pre-configured with policies for Toshiba POS systems, self-service, and attached I/O Enables you to identify problems more quickly—even before they happen—which can lead to reduced service costs, improved employee productivity, better customer satisfaction and a longer life for your retail systems.
Asset tracking and enhanced IT inventory Having comprehensive hardware and software information at your fingertips on a single console allows end-to-end management of retail systems throughout the enterprise. It helps you plan upgrades, reduce service costs and maintain consistent levels of hardware and software in your retail environment.
Event management and problem determination A simple, customizable user interface gives you control over what you see, so you can do more in less time. View and control management data from every device and system to reduce downtime and service costs—enhancing customer satisfaction, employee productivity and revenues.
Now integrated with IBM Systems Director 6.x Combines the power of RMA with the versatility of IBM Systems Director—with a browser-based console interface for easy multi-user access. Now scalable for large enterprises, and integrated for “out of the box” value from day1.
IT optimization Builds dexterity into operations to improve the integration and automation of work flow across operational tools and processes, freeing up IT staff to focus on other issues. By monitoring system health and availability, stores can prolong the life of IT solutions by optimizing their operating life, reducing total cost of ownership.

† Note that this is supported only with 4690 V6R2 Enhanced Terminal, WEPOS V1.1, POSReady 2009, Windows XP Professional SP2, and differs based on the system unit type. Also note that this support is subject to change based on the 4690 support statement. SLEPOS 11 and SLED 11 support shutdown, restart, and WOL only.

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