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IBM Retail Systems Management

More and more retailers are working to differentiate themselves by delivering outstanding shopping choices and services in stores. By deploying innovative point-of-sale solutions, informational kiosks, Web tablets and wireless communications, they can gain a competitive advantage, but it also can create system management challenges for IT teams. While the pressure to drive innovation and improve the customer experience is tremendous, the need to keep complexity and costs in check is essential.

IBM Retail Systems Management is IBM’s complete systems management solution designed specifically for retail. It provides a robust, and easy-to-use set of tools that can help simplify critical IT tasks, and help retailers identify and correct problems in their stores before they happen. The management solution’s open platform allows for new devices and applications to be easily integrated, making it possible for businesses to quickly deploy new technology, using existing business processes and solutions, in one store or in hundreds.

Key features

An effective systems management solution provides a way for all of the hardware, applications and devices in a retail environment to share information. The IBM Remote Management Agent (RMA) serves as the back bone of the IBM Retail Systems Management solution. When combined with management applications from IBM and our intelligent hardware, RMA can help define the end-to-end health for POS and other retail critical systems. The IBM Remote Management Agent and systems management information can be further integrated “up stream” with IBM Director, WebSphere Remote Server and Tivoli® management tools to provide a total store management solution which can be leveraged throughout the enterprise.

The IBM Remote Management Agent uses Retail Extensions for IBM Director to take advantage of common IBM Director tasks and capabilities, such as its drag-and-drop user interface, scheduler, and powerful group, inventory, and event management. When integrated with Tivoli enterprise software and delivered on WebSphere Remote Server, the IBM Retail Systems Management solution provides a fully integrated platform to help manage remote environments from the enterprise to the edge of your business. Together this set of powerful tools can help you lower total cost of ownership and provide the flexibility in supporting your business and future goals.

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