Data Integration Facility

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Unlocking point-of-sale information for improved store operations

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Data Integration Facility (DIF) helps retailers streamline operations and reduce operational costs by using a variety of open-standard formats to share data between applications. It is designed to help unlock point-of-sale (POS) information and improve the customer shopping experience with real-time visibility of transaction data. This advanced visibility can allow retailers to take advantage of best practices at the store level to help shorten product replenishment times, maintain suitable product assortment and monitor the effectiveness of marketing promotions.

Open-standard formats enable flexibility and data sharing across the enterprise

Data integration in today’s complex technical environment requires a flexible message-based system for sharing information. In contrast to a file-based solution, the message based DIF provides an infrastructure to access POS data using standard messaging structures. With DIF, retailers can simplify new application deployment and choose from several options for real-time data exchange.

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