Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions SurePOS ACE for 4690 OS

Version 7

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Feature Benefits
GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) Infrastructure Provides more flexibility to support selling fresh foods and logs data to TLog
GS1 Databars Identifiers with Encoded Quantity Recognizes the Quantity Application Identifier (AI) 30 in GS1 Databar and inputs directly into transactions
Fraudulent Paper Coupons Detects and IDs fraudulent paper coupons, notifies the cashier, prevents coupon use in the transaction
Zavers Digital Coupons Enables customers to redeem digital offerings and coupons with their loyalty card at the POS
GTech Lottery Drives revenue with in-lane lottery sales
Toolkit for Windows 7 Leverages Microsoft Windows 7 in XP mode to develop custom extensions
Scan Gift Card at Tender time Accepts gift cards and Blackhawk gift cards at transaction time
Tender Restriction Restricts the tender types a customer can use to pay for a certain item such as lottery or gift card
PinPad Transaction Recorder Reads and stores customer name when payment card is processed at PIN pad to resolve customer disputes with a more complete view of the transaction history
Automatic Card Selection Recognizes card tender type when swiped through PinPad
Percent-off Coupons Improvements to increase the precision for Percent-off coupons to allow for more accuracy of coupons
Percentage-off All Matching Items Improvements for validating all matching coupon items to ensure proper use of coupon
USB PinPad Support Implement USB attached PIN pads
Improved PinPad Software Load Times Significantly faster of download of PIN pad software updates
BIN Update Utility Adds, modifies, deletes, and updates records. Only sends changed BIN's with input files
Linked Franking Format ID Configure different information to be printed on the customer receipt and document Insert
TeleCheck Electronic Conversion Prompt Allow the customer to select to accept or reject the check conversion
Alphanumeric Authorization Code Support alphanumeric characters when entering the authorization code
Online WIC EBT Provide a seamless shopping experience through Online WIC EBT
WIC One Percent-off Per Matching Item Break up unlimited coupons into individual item-matching coupons to ensure WIC agencies receives benefits
Associate Paper Coupons for WIC Ensure WIC agencies receive benefits of paper coupons with items paid for with WIC EBT
WIC Percent-off Order All Items Coupons Prorates percent off order coupons against individual items (both WIC and non-WIC items) for WIC agency to verify the coupons amount that applies to WIC EBT benefits
WIC Least Expensive Brand Identify the Least Expensive Brand (LEB) categories for WIC eligible items
Percent-off Order Coupons Prorate percent off order coupons against WIC and non-WIC items to provide WIC agency with proper coupon amount
Enhanced Security for PCI Compliance Comply with Important New Security Requirements
Digital Receipt and Suppressed Receipt Reduce supply costs and give customers green options
Terminal Options by Groups Manage groups of terminals with single requests

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