Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions 4690 Operating System

Version 6 release 4

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Toshiba 4690 OS, Version 6 Release 4 Technical Requirements
Model Controller Terminal Controller/Terminal Classic Enhanced
TCxWave:** 6140- 100, 10D   X     X
SurePOS 700: 4800-741,781,722,742,782,723,743,783 X X X X X
SurePOS 700: 4800-784; 4900-745, 775, 785 X X X   X
SurePOS 700: 4800- 721   X   X  
SurePOS 700: 4800- C41,C42,C43 X     X X
SurePOS 700: 4800- C84;4900-C85, C45 X       X
SurePOS 300: 4810-350, 35A   X     X
Toshiba 4800: 73x, 75x, 202, 242, 20E, 24E   X   X  
Toshiba 4694: All models*,   X   X  
Toshiba 4693: All models*   X   X  
System X See controller matrix for details on supported controllers
Virtual Controller Feature can be used on any server that is certified with supported versions of VMware ESX/ESXi.
Min/max Memory Requirements: Controller memory—256 MB/1 GB (Classic), 512 MB/1 GB ( Enhanced)
Classic terminal memory (with Java)—128 MB/512 MB
Enhanced terminal memory—512 MB/1 GB
Enhanced terminal memory with Firefox or Java 6—1 GB
In Enhanced mode, the maximum memory listed above refers to the memory used by 4690 OS
In Enhanced mode the hardware abstraction layer can actually make use of memory above the 1 GB limit up to 4 GB
Smarter Checkout requires TCxWave, SurePOS 350 or 743 or higher with min 2 GB memoryController requires 1 GB of memory if using the C2E tool with 6.4

* Loop and token ring communications are only supported if the store controllers are in classic mode.

† Note that the Toshiba SurePOS 4694-154 is a Japan-specific terminal.

‡ MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessibility may be less.

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