Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions 4690 Operating System

Version 6 release 4

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Ready for the Future

Retailers are building for the future with store technologies that help them improve customer service, reduce costs and generate new revenue.

The Toshiba 4690 operating environment has long been the premier point-of-sale platform for the world’s largest retailers, with over one million installations. It is widely recognized for its robust functionality and rock-solid reliability. Offered in Classic and Enhanced editions, Toshiba 4690 OS V6.4 takes store systems to new levels of performance, driving business transformation, improving the customer experience and helping develop new revenue opportunities. It enables retailers to extend information and customer services throughout the store, optimize all integrated sales channels—the web, mobile, social media as well as phone and in-store sales—and deliver a superior customer experience while increasing sales.

Improved Performance Cuts Costs, Helps Increase Sales

New technologies help retailers reduce costs and generate incremental revenue. For example, Toshiba 4690 V6.4 includes enhanced Java features enabling advanced applications that help meet the growing demands of customers. M browser makes it easier to access cross-channel products and services and to implement third-party sales opportunities and promotions.

As a base for many of Toshiba’s Smarter Store solutions, Toshiba 4690 OS helps deliver significant cost and energy savings. For example, consolidating multiple applications and managing them through Toshiba Remote Management Agent can significantly lower costs and risks. Easy-to-wake deep sleep automation provides service on demand while saving up to forty-seven percent energy cost. Security features help protect against viruses and unauthorized access. System updates can be managed across stores and the enterprise from one central location, avoiding system downtime and keeping business running. Virtual controller feature paves the way for enterprise consolidation and new computing models.

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