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Airline and airport check-in kiosk


Reduce customer wait time with IBM airline and airport check-in solutions 

Airline and airport self-service kiosk solutions can boost customer satisfaction by letting passengers quickly and easily check in at the airport, select or change seating, and print out a boarding pass. Kiosks can let customers avoid waiting in long lines. And kiosks can maximize terminal space and your employees’ time and efforts.

Leveraging IBM’s experience as the leading provider of self service solutions to the airlines, all of IBM’s kiosks feature the Common Use Self Service Standard (CUSS). IBM helped develop the CUSS standard that makes it possible to improve the consumer experience through the use of a single kiosk for hotel, airline and car rental purposes.

Airlines and airports can benefit from the common-use IBM environment. The IBM kiosk platform is designed to offer airlines and airports the ability to:

  • Share common kiosks.
  • Improve customer service and convenience.
  • Optimize investment in IATA Common Use Self-Service certified applications.
  • Meet customer demand for self-service.
  • Reduce the unit cost of check ins.
  • Improve your floor space utilization.
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Self-service kiosk solution for airlines and airports from IBM

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