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Delivery, building and implementation of kiosk solutions

Kiosk production
Our Customer Solutions Centers (CSC) provide kiosk integration services including component procurement, inventory management, material handling, assembly, configuration to the site, final testing, burn-in, short-term storage and scheduling of transportation to the installation location. Our kiosk integration service leverages parts planners, assemblers and testers who work on tens of thousands of integrated systems each month, deploying them domestically and internationally.

Site preparation & installation
Keep your staff focused on your core business and cost-effectively manage your kiosk rollout with the help of IBM. We can work with you to plan and design changes to your facilities, run the necessary electrical and network cabling, and complete minor construction including modification to walls, ceilings, and floors. Then, trained IBM specialists setup, install and test all equipment on arrival at your location. Your kiosk is unpacked, inspected for visible transit damage and moved to its location. The kiosk is connected to power and to network cables. System diagnostics are performed, the kiosk is configured for the location and the kiosk application software is tested to ensure operability. Finally, the IBM specialist removes the packing material, confirms completion of the installation, and provides the necessary information for asset management and maintenance entitlement.

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