SurePOS 700

  1. Efficient processor choices, including Intel Core 2 Duo, handle the latest applications at blazing speeds
  2. Dual video display capability and enhanced graphics deliver a superior customer experience
  3. Front vents promote airflow and minimize moving parts to reduce heat and help keep systems up and running
  4. Virtually tool-free design, cable arm and secure key lock front access to all components help reduce service time and costs
  5. Built in power management and deep sleep help minimize environmental impact and lower energy cost
  6. Light-Path Management's visual indicators proactively monitor system status and help avoid downtime
  7. Remote management enables monitoring of environmental variables for proactive servicing and maintenance to eliminate downtime
  8. Front access to powered USB and headphone ports for easy device attachment
  9. Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts enable retailers to use existing devices and connect customer or employee devices
  10. Choose distributed or integrated configurations in choice of color with color-matched peripherals (all optional)
  11. UPS allows you to complete transactions in case of power outage

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