SurePOS 700


Elevate customer service like never before

The IBM SurePOS™ 700 is the industry’s premier point-of-sale solution for enabling high-quality business applications and services while reducing costs and complexity. Designed for retail, the IBM SurePOS 700 has the muscle for fast transactions and the brains to deliver unparalleled value.

  Base Powered USB RS-485 RS-232
Cash drawer 2         
Powered USB 2.0 (12 V)3 2 5      
Powered USB 2.0 (24 V)4 1         
RS-485 port 5 keyboard       1   
RS-485 port 4 customer display       1   
RS-485 port 7 printer       1   
RS-485 port 9 customer display/scanner 1    1   
Powered RS-232
(12 V or 5 V)
Peripheral options5
Displays IBM SurePoint™ (touch/nontouch), USB, RS-485 and RS-232 40-character and character/graphics displays
Printers IBM SureMark™ Printer, IBM 4689-TD5 SurePOS printer, IBM Fiscal printers
Keyboards USB and PS/2 modular 67-key, ANPOS, and Compact ANPOS; USB and RS-485 50-key
Cash drawers Full-size, compact and flip-top
Integration trays System unit, table-top, and cash drawer slant top trays

1 New model 784 compared to previous model 783

2 Deep sleep is defined as “suspend to RAM” (random access memory), meaning the power supply is in a reduced power mode

3 A single POS printer can be plugged in and operational

4 24 V available in Japan

5 Not all peripherals are available in all countries. Please contact your local IBM representative for details

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