IBM SurePOS 300 Series at a glance
Hardware Models 340/34A/ E40/E4A
Processor3 Intel ULV Celeron M 373 (1.0 GHz)
Hard disk drive 160 G standard
Drive options
Memory4 512 MB DDR2 (expandable to 2 GB)
IBM SurePorts See IBM SurePorts chart for a full description of IBM SurePorts and connectivity options.
PC USB ports 2 (back), 1 (front)
RS-232 ports 2
Powered RS-232 ports 1 (9-pin) (See IBM SurePorts chart for all connectivity options)
PS/2 keyboard/mouse 1/1
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100
Video 2 VGA
Audio line-in, microphone, line-out back
  IBM SurePorts 24 V
12 V
Powered RS-232/USB mix (default) 1 1 3
All powered USB (option) 1 4  
Dimensions (W x D x H) 9.65"x 10.12"x 3.54" (245 mm x 257 mm x 90 mm)
Weight 10 lbs (4.53 kg)
Power consumption 80+ Efficient power supply
Optional peripherals
Keyboards USB and PS/2 Modular keyboards (ANPOS, CANPOS, and 67-key)
Cash drawers6
Operating systems supported7,8
Drivers supported UPOS 1.9.6 or higher (includes OPOS and JavaPOS™)
Management tools
Industry standards
System management
Power management10
Limited warranty11
ServicePac® One and two years are available
Service life Up to seven years after withdrawal from market
Technical support12

1 IDC: “Total Cost of Ownership for Point-of-Sale and PC Cash Drawer Solutions: A Comparative Analysis of Retail Checkout Environments, 2008 Update”

2 Deep sleep power state is defined as “suspend to RAM” (random access memory) (meaning the power supply is in a reduced power mode). The system appears off; the CPU has no power; RAM is in slow refresh.

3 MHz/GHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed; many factors affect application performance.

4 Memory supports both system and video. Accessible system memory will be the installed memory size less the amount defined for video.

5 Only available in some countries. Ask your IBM representative for details.

6 Cash drawer connects through an IBM SureMark Printer, which must be purchased separately.

7 With the exception of model W2H, an operating system is not included and can be purchased separately.

8 IBM will provide hardware support for customers who create unique Windows XP Embedded images. Field problems for XP Embedded will need to be recreated under Windows XP Professional.

9 See Web site for version and limitations

10 No battery option available.

11 For a copy of terms and conditions of IBM’s Statement of Limited Warranty, please contact your local IBM representative or reseller.

12 Geography dependent

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