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IBM meets the challenge

Based on recent developments in the market, retailers know they can’t stand still. They must respond to the challenges of a diverse, fragmented and ever tightening market where shoppers are being more discerning in their purchasing and buying anywhere it’s convenient—online, television, direct mail catalogs, mega stores and boutiques. Retailers are seeking an optimum balance between managing costs and delivering high levels of service, all the while pursuing the benefits of “green” operations.

IBM answers these challenges with the IBM SurePOS™ 300 Series, the innovative, compact, high-performing POS at a remarkably affordable low price, to transform your store operations, drive down costs and dispatch fast ROI.

1 IDC: "Total Cost of Ownership for Point-of-Sale and PC Cash Drawer Solutions: A Comparative Analysis of Retail Checkout Environments," 2008 Update

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