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Environmental Initiative for Retail. Product stewardship that helps the environment and the bottom line

IBM’s product stewardship commitment

IBM makes a commitment to our retail customers to delivering store products that meet the following design and manufacturing requirements:

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An environmentally friendly focus

“IBM has corporate policies of protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources dating back to the early 1970s. Our focus on innovation in retail expands beyond system performance and reliability. We continue to invest in manufacturing and design processes that give our clients the tools they need to implement their own environmental policies and make it easier for them to identify and select the most environmentally friendly retail solutions available.

“The goal is to help retailers better position themselves with consumers, who increasingly value companies that are working to minimize their impact on the planet.”

—Steve Ladwig, General Manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions


Approximately 80% of products and features shipped by Retail Store Solutions in 2006 contained some amount of recycled plastic.

The new IBM SurePOS 700 models deliver a 36.1% reduction in maximum power consumption compared to predecessor models.

IBM uses powder coating for metal, and impregnated color for plastic, which drastically reduces harmful emissions from traditional painting techniques.